How to configure Dutch orange watch face

The Dutch orange watchface has many configuration options.

Watch face functionality

You can customize the content of the two metrics, or hide it completely.

Watch face 1 Watch face 2

You can change the configuration via the Garmin Connect IQ app or directly in the watch.

Change the configuration via the Garmin Connect IQ app

Open the Dutch orange settings in your Connect IQ app and customize your watch! (check here on how to access the settings).

Here are a few examples of how the settings look:

Settings 1 Settings 2 Settings 3

Change the configuration via the watch face menu

All the Dutch orange settings are available directly on the watch. Here is an example how to open the watch face menu for the Fenix watch series:

Settings 1 Settings 1


I paid for the Dutch orange watch face, but re-installed it later. How can I unlock it again?

You can unlock your Dutch orange watch face again using the same Purchase key you received the first time. If you have lost the key please use recover section.

Why is the weather metric empty?

Note: weather isn't supported on the following models:

For the rest of the models try the following:

Why is the sunset time empty or incorrect?

Sunset time is calculated based on the location:

Which provider is used for the weather information?

Dutch orange uses Garmin provider for the weather information. This makes it very battery-friendly because no additional internet requests are performed.